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Do you want to find out more about a job in infrastructure?


Got big plans for your life and your career? Come and take a look at the infrastructure sector. Right now, the whole sector is booming. And that means there’s a big need for the right people to step up and do the work that will keep New Zealand running today, tomorrow and into the future.

Be ready to be challenged. You’ll need to turn up with grit, willingness to work and enthusiasm to get the job done. But the return makes the effort well worth it. A wide range of jobs to choose from, great pathways that let you climb to where your talents take you, good pay and opportunities to take the skills you’ve learned to work and travel.

Up for the challenge? Bring what you’ve got, and let’s have a chat about where it could take you!

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Do you like science and care for the environment? Maybe the Bachelor of Forestry Science BForSC is for you!

The Bachelor of Forestry Science (BForSc) is a professional degree offered by Te Kura Ngahere | School of Forestry at the University of Canterbury. It is an interdisciplinary degree that prepares graduates for managing forest resources by combining core science courses with management, commerce, and technology.

Small classes and field trips make for an engaging and rewarding learning experience at UC. Forestry Science graduates are highly sought after by employers and follow exciting and rewarding career paths (we currently have two Dio old girls studying this degree)

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REACH Scholarships for Y13 Maori students interested in a career in health


Ngā mihi mahana ki a koutou katoa. The University of Otago, Māori Health Workforce Development Unit is pleased to inform you that applications for the Otago REACH (Realising Educational Aspirations for Careers in Health) scholarship will be open on the 1st of May.

This scholarship is for Year 13 Māori secondary students interested in a career in health and is hosted by the University of Otago. The Scholarship covers; flights, accommodation, food and activities over 3 days.

The main requirement is that students are aspiring to a career in health. Studying science subjects at levels 2 and 3, and their involvement or interest in te Ao Māori will strengthen their application however we strongly encourage all students with aspirations in health.

The REACH Otago Scholarship provides the opportunity for up to twenty Year 13 Māori students to spend three nights and days on the University of Otago’s Dunedin campus. Students from across New Zealand experience university life first-hand: living in and visiting residential colleges; attending lectures; meeting current Otago students; and learning about the various degree and study options Otago offers, particularly in health.

For further information please refer to the attached document or the link below.

Applications close 15th of June, 2021.

What is…chemistry?

Chemistry is the central science. It deals with the composition, structure, and behaviour of the atoms and molecules that make up all forms of matter. As Rudi Marquez of the School of Physical and Chemical Sciences at UC​ tells it, “Chemistry is everything”.

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What is…astronomy?

What is Astronomy is all about? Why is it important? What makes the University of Canterbury’s programme so special? Here’s Simone Scaringi of the School of Physical and Chemical Sciences at the University of Canterbury​ to explain!

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What is…biochemistry?

Biochemistry is providing critical advances in medicine, agriculture and understanding the world we live in. Here’s University of Canterbury lecturer Jodie Johnston with more on a subject that is all about the chemistry of life.

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How to help your teenager with their career decisions

Never before has a generation had to adapt so quickly. Industries, jobs and skills are disappearing and evolving all the time and keeping up with the changes can be a very real challenge.

You can help your child face this new way of navigating their career path by helping them to learn to be agile and resilient.

Be their advocate, encourage them and walk alongside them as they work this out. Not only will you help them make wise decisions, your relationship can be strengthened when they feel trusted and supported.

Career choices are not for life.

A “job for life” mindset is no longer valid. The idea that a certain qualification will set them on a certain path forever is out of date with what actually happens these days. Certainly, their choices now can affect the options available to them but it is almost as certain that whatever path they choose now will not be their last.

Widen your support network

Add friends who your teen trusts, ask people you know in industries your teen has an interest in to talk to them, bring in older and younger contacts to be available to share their experiences with them.

Encourage choosing subjects that are of interest

Notice what subjects spark your child’s interest and gives them energy – you want them to engage with school, not disengage because they aren’t inspired by what they are studying. It pays to help them understand the subjects that will be required if they want to follow certain interests into tertiary study, but also to remember that all is not lost if they require further short-term study to gain access later on. The most important thing is that they want to study and they are interested in what they are learning.

Expand the possibilities they are aware of

Attend the Career Expo, look online, chat with friends, engage with the school career advisor – make sure you and your child feel empowered with knowledge.

Ask questions, challenge beliefs

The key is to manage this without criticising them. Clear up any misunderstandings they may have about work so that they are making choices based on accurate information.

Encourage work experience

The more they are exposed to, the more they will understand if that is right for them or not. Paid or volunteer work develops a positive work ethic and builds confidence and competence.

What is…biology?

Biology is the study of living things, from molecules and cells to organisms, populations, and entire ecosystems. As University of Canterbury lecturer Pieter Pelser will tell you, “it’s a great playground for anyone who is curious about the mysteries of life”.

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